Simplified Level 3 credit card processing solutions!

Level 3 Payment Processing

Revolution Payment Systems simplifies setting up and processing level 3 line item detail.

Level 3 credit card processing can be a great money saving addition for businesses that accept commercial, purchase and government credit cards.

Our Level automated level 3 payment solutions allow these merchants to qualify for the reduced level 3 processing interchange rates.
Level 3 credit card processing refers to passing the line item detail from the invoice when the transaction is sent for settlement. Examples of this detail include: Product description, quantities, and other information. Level 3 qualified transactions can save a merchant up to $10.00 per $1,000 in sales.

Many merchants are reluctant to set up a level 3 merchant account due to the initial implementation times and additional line item detail required when processing transactions. This is no longer the case for merchants that implement our automated level 3 payment solution.

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