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GSA Smart Cards

Schedule 51V Critical Information

Critical Information Specific to Schedule 51V The information provided in this document is specific to Schedule 51V Solicitation 6FEC-E6-060173-B, Refresh #15. Before submitting your offer, please ensure you have met all of the requirements outlined in this document that are applicable to the products you are offering, as well as any other applicable general requirements…

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Accepting GSA Cards For Your Business

GSA SmartPay2 cardholders may carry the following card brands: Visa, MasterCard, and Voyager. Voyager cards may only be used for fleet related purchases. You can maximize your ability to capture Government sales by accepting these charge cards.

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Accepting GSA Smart Cards

Accepting the GSA SmartPay is beneficial to your company because you can maximize your ability to capture Government sales. If you already accept these cards from the commercial sector, there is no additional work to do as the GSA SmartPay2 charge cards operate just like any other corporate charge cards

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