Trade Associations

Association & Buying Groups Merchant Services Program.

A partnership that will attract new members and increase revenues.

By partnering with Revolution Payments as your endorsed merchant services provider your association or buying group will attract new members, provide a valuable member benefit and increase organization revenues.

The volume buying power of your group offers you the opportunity to negotiate special discounted rates.

We can design a custom fit program tailored to your members’ specific needs, which we believe will become one of your most valuable member benefits.

Discounted rates are important, but it’s the personal attention, education and value enhancing technology that really make the difference.

Many businesses have been misinformed and conditioned by sales people who do little more than sell on rate. Rate is very important, however there are over 400 interchange rates that vary based on industry category, the method by which a card is accepted, size of the transaction and the type of card accepted.

This gets even more complicated for your members who accepts commercial, fleet, government card and industries related to emerging markets.

Setting up a merchant account to accept commercial credit cards or emerging market industries is much different than setting up a standard merchant account.
Even if someone is honestly trying to do a good job for your members, their inexperience as it relates  to interchange qualification, B2B, B2G and emerging market space could be driving members’ expenses up.
Revolution Payments can help.
Our association program will help empower members with the knowledge to make more informed decisions when choosing a processing partner.

Benefits to Associations

Increased Revenues

Increased Memberships

Strengthened relationship and bond with members

Benefits to Members

Interchange pricing and account monitoring

Amex lower rates

Next day funding

Business analytics

Streamlined reporting

Personal account manager

In today’s tough economic times its important your members realize the benefits that come along with their investment with your association or buying group. With a partnership with Revolution Payments, members will realize an immediate return.

In today’s economy, it is important that your members realize the benefit of their investment with your organization. With our Merchant Services Partnership Program, they will realize an immediate return!

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