Pay at the Pump - EMV Credit Card Processing

Revolution Payments offers comprehensive Pay at the Pump Credit Card Processing solutions designed for independent gas stations and convenience stores.

We understand that petroleum retailers have unique needs when it comes to pay at the pump card processing  that differentiate them from the retail market.

Leading edge communications for your pay at the pump card processing merchant account. All authorizations and verification's go through quickly and securely using Dial-up 950 and 800 service, frame relay, TCP/IP, Radio Frequency, ISDN and VSAT. Flexible platform options include stand-alone, networked, PC or integrated systems.

We offer a complete range of quick, secure payment solutions and reporting methods backed by the largest petro-based platform in the industry.

We understand that convenience stores and petroleum retailers have unique needs that differentiate you from other industries.
Whether your  looking at other processing options due to poor service or pricing issues, changing to an unbranded station, we are here to help. We are also backed by the largest processor in North America, processing over 1 trillion dollars processed annually.


  • Certified on every major controller
  • Credit, debit and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) processing.
  • Petroleum specific point of sale devices
  • Fleet cards
  • ATM Machines
  • Pay at the Pump Credit Card Processing



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