Large Ticket Credit Card Processing

Increase your profit margins with Revolution Payments Large Ticket Credit Card Processing Program.

Merchants who have business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) customers most likely encounter large dollar credit card transactions.

Large Ticket card processing from Revolution Payments reduces the higher interchange fees normally seen with accepting large credit card transactions.


Qualifying for Large Ticket Interchange Rates

In order to qualify for the large ticket program, you will need to use a payment gateway that can capture and pass level 3 credit card processing data, a credit card terminal will not work.  

Sending level 3 detail does not mean you will automatically receive large ticket processing rates, or that the transactions clears at the most desirable interchange rate.  This is why its important to work with an experiences B2B payment professional when it comes to accepting commercial, business and government credit cards.

What information do you have to provide to receive Large Ticket Interchange Rates?

You’ll need to provide the same information required to receive level 3 interchange rates. Revolution Payments can automate this for you.

  • Merchant Name
  • Transaction Amount
  • Date
  • Item Commodity Code
  • Tax Amount
  • Customer Code (AKA Purchase Order number or PO#)
  • Merchant Postal Code
  • Ship from Postal Code
  • Tax Identification
  • Order NumberDuty Amount
  • Merchant Minority Code
  • Merchant State Code
  • Destination Postal Code
  • Invoice Number
  • Item Product Code
  • Item QuantityItem Description
  • Item Unit of Measure
  • Item Extended Amount
  • Freight Amount

Benefits of Large Ticket Processing Program

The major benefits of a Large ticket processing program are; you substantially reduce the interchange cost of accepting high dollar credit card transactions, improved cash flow by Reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and added level of security on your transactions.

Enroll in Revolution Payments large ticket program and reduce your cost of accepting Large ticket credit card transactions.


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