Why Level 3 Processing

Level-3 Processing can Reduce what you pay to accept Purchase Cards, Business(MasterCard Only) Commercial and GSA by 30%-40%

Level-3 takes takes additional line item detail on the transactions and sends this to Visa and MasterCard.   When you process Level 3 Data this used by your customers  to reconcile bank statements and to help with fraud detection.  The Level 3 Line Item Data shows up on your customers bank statement and gives a detailed description of purchases.

Visa and MasterCard have lower interchange rates when Level 3 Data is provided. There are additional Level 3  payment requirements one of Revolution Payment Systems payment advisors would be happy to discuss with you.

Below is an example of the data requirements for Level 3.  Stand alone credit card terminals and most payment gateways Do Not Support Level 3 processing.


If your company sells to the Government or other Businesses the savings from implementing level 3 can be quite significant.  You can expect to save $10-$20 for every $1,000 processed.  If you see Non Qualified on your statement the savings could be quite higher than this.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of level 3 processing or would like a complimentary cost review and analysis from one of our payment advisors give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email [email protected]

Visit our other site.  www.level3merchantaccount.com

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