What You Should Know About Level 3 Processing

What You Should Know About Level 3 Processing


Level 3 processing allows your business to process  business-to-business and business-to-government sales more effectively and at a much lower cost.

Merchants wanting to increase sales by becoming suppliers to other businesses or government agencies need understand the basics of Level 3 processing and consult with a level 3 merchant processor like Revolution Payment Systems.

In order to accept Level 3 transactions made with government (GSA) or corporate purchasing cards (P-Cards), you must have technology capable of processing level 3 enhanced line item detail.

In order  to receive the lower rates that come along with Level 3 processing, a number of required information fields must be captured, including:

• Merchant name
• Transaction amount
• Date 
• Tax Amount
• Customer Code
• Merchant Postal Code
• Tax Identification
• Item Quantity 
• Right Amount
• Duty Amount
• Destination Postal Code
• Alternate Tax Amount

Level 3 processing provides several benefits  – the detailed transaction information shows up on the card holders bank statement allows them to monitor and record purchases made on the company card at a lower transaction rate than Level 1 or Level 2 purchases.

For merchants, you can expect to save 20-30% on corporate, business, purchasing and Government transactions.  You also look more appealing to government buyers in that they are recommended to choose vendors who have the ability to pass level 3 data.


If you have any questions regarding level-3 processing please give us a call or send an email.  888-790-3450 or [email protected]


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