Visa Large Purchase Advantage Interchange Fee Programs to GSA Purchasing Transactions

Visa Large Purchase Advantage Interchange Fee Programs to GSA Purchasing Transactions 


In 2013 Visa Expanded its Large Purchase Program to support GSA Transactions yet, many contractors and suppliers are not set up to take advantage of this.

Previously this program only applied to non-GSA Purchasing Cards.

The following criteria will be required in order to be eligible for this program: 

  • Non-Travel MCC
  • Transaction amount greater than $10,000.00
  • Meet 8 day clearing timeliness

CPS-qualified with one of the following CPS programs: 

  • CPS/Card Not Present
  • CPS/Electronic Commerce – Basic
  • CPS/Electronic Commerce Preferred – Retail
Visa Fee Program  Applicable Transaction Amount  Visa Fee Descriptor  Rate 
Purchasing Card-Large Purchase Advantage 1 US $10,000.01 to US$25,000.00 US PURCH LPA 1 0.70% + $49.50
Purchasing Card-Large Purchase Advantage 2 US $25,000.01 to US$100,000.00 US PURCH LPA 2 0.60% + $52.50
Purchasing Card-Large Purchase Advantage 3 US $100,000.01 to US$500,000.00 US PURCH LPA 3 0.50% + $55.50
Purchasing Card-Large Purchase Advantage 4 US $500,000.01 and over US PURCH LPA 4 0.40% + $58.50


Contractors and Suppliers will need to ensure their processors have them set up properly to take advantage of this tremendous cost reduction.  If you see Non-Qualified fees on your statement this is a red-flag your processor has you set up incorrectly.

Revolution payment systems is an advocate for government contractors and suppliers and an expert in Level 3 payments and technology.  Have questions about Level 3 processing or would like to take advantage of a complimentary statement audit give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email [email protected]


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