Visa Enhanced Data or Level-3 Detail


Visa Enhanced Data and Level 3 Detail

If your company sells to the government or other businesses you can benefit from including level-3 line item detail/Enhanced Data  with your government and commercial credit card transactions. If your processor has you set up properly you can reduce the cost of commercial and government transactions by up to 40%


Supplying level-3  detail and lower your discount rate by as much as 1.0% – 1.5% when compared to non-Level-3 processing.  Commercial and government transaction are priced different than other

types of credit cards.  Providing level 3 detail lowers cost or interchange, this is important because 100% of interchange goes back to the bank that issued the credit card, not your processor.

In fact, despite the belief most business owners have up to 80% of the fees businesses incur for accepting  credit cards goes back to the bank that issued your clients credit card.  Not credit card processors.



The only negotiable fee is the processors markup.  Interchange remains the same regardless of the processor.  By providing level 3 detail and working with an experienced level 3 payment processor/consultant

your business can gain additional revenue that is and will otherwise go to the card issuing banks.


Questions about Level 3 or currently processing level 3 and want to confirm your getting 100% of the available discounts. Give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email [email protected]


Revolution Payment Systems can support Level-3 processing through Quickbooks, Magento, and mobile transactions.


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