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Add 1.5% to your bottom line with Level-3 Processing.

Important news for merchants who want to save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees annually.   You probably already know that Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay an issuing bank each time you accept a credit card order.   What the banks and credit card processing companies…

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Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Submitting Level 3 line item detail substantially reduces interchange rates on Purchasing, Corporate, Commercial, Fleet, Business (MasterCard) and Government credit cards. Processing Level 3 data requires more sophisticated payment technology able to process the additional line item requirements. Stand alone terminals and most payment gateways do not support Level 3 Processing. What is Level 3 processing?…

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Level 3 Processing with QuickBooks

Government vendors and contractors using QuickBooks can now process level 3 data  and receive the reduced interchange rates. The difference of processing level 3 detail vs. not can be as high as 1%-1.5% It has been our experience that the  majority of contractors (75 to 80%) that engage in Business to Business and Business to…

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