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Purchasing cards, GSA SmartPay, and Level 2 & 3 credit card processing

Merchants should also be aware that when the appropriate information is included in a Level 3 purchase, they are rewarded with lower processing rates which can be as much as 1.00%, depending on the provider. Merchants also score additional points with the accounting departments of these organizations because of the usefulness of the enhanced data reporting. Here are the different information fields that need to be captured in order to qualify for the best processing rates

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Level 3 Processing

Purchase card acceptors value the faster payment, streamlined A/R, and increased float that accompanies credit card payments. At the same time, they are increasingly scrutinizing the rates and transaction cost they incur. Switching to Level III processing is a concrete and cost-saving step that will provide an opportunity to better serve your existing customers, and possibly open new doors.

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