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Government Purchase Cards Level-3 Processing

Did you know, more than 15 years ago Visa and MasterCard created special interchange rates for vendors who accept government credit cards, specifically for Government Purchase Cards Level-3 Processing? Unfortunately 3 out of 5 vendors are still not set up to take advantage of this   These special interchange rates lower your transaction cost by up…

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Revolution Payments Introduces Automated Level 3 Credit Card Processing for Government Vendors

ASHBURN, Va., August 21, 2019 ( – Revolution Payments, the leading authority when it comes to purchase card processing, reveals a new program that helps government vendors lower the cost of accepting government purchase cards. Add 1% to your bottom line without having to increase your sales volume With the many challenges facing government contractors, it’s…

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Level 3 Processing Interchange Rates

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Exponentially Increase Your Bottom Line Profits on Each Business or Government Credit Card You Accept  Without Doing Any Extra Work With level 3 processing interchange rates It’s Easier than you think! At Revolution Payments we’ve developed a unique solution that can increase your profit margins by roughly 1%, on all the credit cards that you…

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Accepting GSA SmartPay Cards

Increase your profit margins by accepting Accepting GSA SmartPay Cards correctly! When it comes to Accepting GSA SmartPay Cards (purchase cards) government contractors need to ensure their merchant account is set up properly otherwise, its very likely to see Non-Qualified, Standard or pay additional fees or surcharges for keying these transactions in. Large Ticket Transactions…

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Level 3 Transaction Data – Revolution Payments

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Transaction Data, and why its important if you accept business-2-business (B2B) or business-2-government (B2G) credit cards. To understand why you should be including level 3 transaction data on your b2b and b2g transactions, you only need to look at the different interchange rates for these transactions also, something…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Revolution Payments offers Microsoft Dynamics GP Level 3 Credit Card Processing for B2B & B2G transactions that operates effectively within Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP). This Microsoft Dynamics GP level 3 credit card processing component works flawlessly within MS. Dynamics Great Plains and is set up in such a way that makes it easy to…

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Level 3 Processing equals lower Interchange Rates

Why Level 3 Credit Card Processing is so important Level 3 Processing equals lower Interchange Rates by reclassifying the codes on commercial credit card transactions. For most businesses, credit card processing fees are in the top 5 of all expenses. All business people and entrepreneurs are busy, but the time invested in learning the basics…

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Level 3 Processing for Commercial Cards

I’d like to reveal something many processors wont or, may not be familiar with. Level 3 processing for commercial cards can lower your cost of accepting B2B and B2G credit cards by up to 1.5%. Most businesses have been conditioned to focus ONLY on rate when comparing different processing options. Have a low rate is…

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Level 3 Processing Provides the Lowest Interchange Rates

Level 3 processing provides the lowest interchange rates for commercial, B2B and government credit card transactions.   This chart shows the different interchange qualification levels when accepting commercial credit cards from your clients. This is why its so important to make sure you choose a processing partner that has experience and familiar with interchange rate qualification…

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Level 3 Payment Processing

Revolution Payments Specialized Level 3  Payment Processing  Technology  Helps Government Contractors /Vendors & B2B merchants Reduce Transaction Cost for Accepting B2B & B2G credit cards. Our value enhancing payment technology automatically sends Level 3 line item detail on behalf  thereby reducing the interchange cost of accepting the cards by as much as 40%. With the…

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