Visa Purchasing Large Ticket Interchange Program

Both Visa and MasterCard have a High Ticket Interchange Program that can save you up to 1.50% on your commercial, fleet, purchasing and government credit card transactions.

Originally limited to 35 designated B2B Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)

• As of April 7, 2006, program opened all non T&E

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Processing Level 3 Line Item Data

Level 3 Processing can provide your company a significant reduction in the fees your paying to accept commercial and government transactions by working with a level 3 specialists like revolution payment systems

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Level 3 Transaction Reporting

MasterCard Federal Purchasing Card suppliers can better serve their customers by providing higher levels of transaction reporting with the most detailed data in the industry. MasterCard has defined three different levels of reporting information: Levels I, II and III. These levels, which are described below, represent the sophistication at which suppliers can process MasterCard Federal…

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What is level 3 processing

Level 3 processing is additional information that is passed along with a payment transaction. It’s referred to as line item detail and is information you would generally find on an email. Product description, quantity, tax detail etc. For a full list of level 3 requirements email me at [email protected] or view our site at under Level 3 payment solutions.

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Level 3 Processing

Any business that accepts government GSA or purchase cards (p-cards) qualifies for level 3 processing. In order to process level 3 data, you must have a system that allows you to input the additional required information entries. Payment gateways or specialized computer software may serve in this capacity.

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