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Level 3 credit card processing for GSA Smartpay cards

Revolution Payments

GSA Vendors Why pay 2.65% vs 1.85% to process a Government P-card? The Choice is yours! With the many challenges facing contractors today, it’s no wonder so many are relying on their banks or existing credit card processors  to set them up to accept Government P-cards. It’s regrettable that many in the contracting industry are unaware of…

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Level 3 Processing

What is Level 3 Processing?   Level 3 processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting and processing commercial and government credit cards.  Additional line item detail about the transaction is included with the transaction and passed along to Visa. Commercial cards are divided into 3 categories based on the level of information included with…

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Process Level-3 Detail with Magento

Revolution Payment System supports Level 3 transaction detail through Magento. If you’re required to process Level-3 information or you simply want to take advantage of the reduced interchange for Level-3 transactions Revolution Payment Systems can help. Processing Procurement Level-3 Transactions through Magento is easier than you think.   Questions? Email us at or 888…

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What is level 3 processing

Level 3 processing is additional information that is passed along with a payment transaction. It’s referred to as line item detail and is information you would generally find on an email. Product description, quantity, tax detail etc. For a full list of level 3 requirements email me at [email protected] or view our site at under Level 3 payment solutions.

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