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How much can a merchant save by supplying Level 3 data

How much can a merchant save by supplying Level 3 data (level 3 processing) on your B2B & B2G cards? This blog shows you.  I get that questions a lot.  You will always pay roughly 1% more than the lowest rate a processor can give you, when you accept commercial and purchase cards w/o level…

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Capture Levels II and III data when accepting commercial cards

Revolution Payments

Capturing level II and Level III payment data on B2B and B2G transactions, can lower your overall cost of accepting these cards by 30%-40%. Business,  government, fleet, commercial, and purchasing cards are used just like personal credit and debit cards. However, they carry higher interchange rates due to the additional functionality, features and capabilities they…

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Accept Government P-cards & B2B Credit Card Transactions for Less!

Why do you accept credit cards?  Is it only as a convenience for your customers, or are you interested in processing transactions at the lowest possible rates? If the latter, and your accepting business-to-business or business-to-government transactions then you owe it your company’s bottom line to ensure these transactions are qualifying at Level II &…

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Level-3 Processing

Level 3 processing and revolution payments can reduce your transaction cost by 40% on commercial transactions

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Visa Purchasing Large Ticket Interchange Program

Both Visa and MasterCard have a High Ticket Interchange Program that can save you up to 1.50% on your commercial, fleet, purchasing and government credit card transactions.

Originally limited to 35 designated B2B Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)

• As of April 7, 2006, program opened all non T&E

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Level 3 Data Provides Lower Interchange Rates

Sending Level 3 Data can significantly reduce the amount your company pays to accept purchasing, corporate and government transactions.

If your company sells to the government or other businesses you should not overlook the potential savings from implementing level 3 processing

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Why Level 3 Processing

Level-3 Processing can Reduce what you pay to accept Purchase Cards, Business(MasterCard Only) Commercial and GSA by 30%-40% Level-3 takes takes additional line item detail on the transactions and sends this to Visa and MasterCard.   When you process Level 3 Data this used by your customers  to reconcile bank statements and to help with fraud…

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Level 3 Processing Merchant Account

If you’re not familiar with Level 3 Processing there is a good chance your company is losing a minimum of 1%-2% on many of your Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government Transactions,

Revolution Payment Systems can easily prove this with a complimentary interchange cost analysis!

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