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Visa & MasterCard High Ticket Interchange Rates

    It Costs Less To Accept Large Credit Card  Transactions Through The High Ticket Interchange Program!   The Large Ticket and Large Ticket Advantage Program, is a specially designed program for merchants who accept high dollar transactions.   By enrolling in the High Ticket program along with Level-3 Processing, you can substantially reduce  what…

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Level 3 Processing

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Level 3 Processing can reduce your cost of accepting credit cards from other businesses or government by up to 40%.

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Add 1.5% to your bottom line with Level-3 Processing.

Important news for merchants who want to save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees annually.   You probably already know that Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay an issuing bank each time you accept a credit card order.   What the banks and credit card processing companies…

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Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Level 3 Credit Card Processing My name is Sean Jones; I’ve been in the Merchant Services industry for 20 years. Today I’m sharing a secret most banks would prefer you didn’t know & Expose you to new technology that will add up to 1.5% to your profit margins on your B2B & B2G transactions regardless…

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Identifying GSA SmartPay2 and GSA SmartPay Credit Cards

Identifying a  GSA Smart Pay Purchasing Card Cards may be either a VISA or a MasterCard. Visa cards will begin with 4486, 4614 or 4716. MasterCard cards will begin with 5568 or 5565. Cards may be issued by Citibank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, or U.S. Bank. Embossed “V” or “MC” is optional and not frequently used.…

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Capturing Level II and III data if you accept commercial cards

Commercial, purchasing and business cards are used like personal credit cards, however they offer employers enhanced reporting and valuable features and capabilities.  These cards carry higher interchange rates, however many merchants can qualify for lower interchange rates by collecting Level II and Level III payment data. Level II Data includes: A Tax Indicator denoting the…

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NAVIGATING THE MURKY WATERS OF LEVEL-3 PROCESSING By PYMNTS @pymnts What’s Next In Payments® 7:15 AM EDT August 28th, 2015   The Following is a recent interview with regarding Level 3 processing. The complexities facing merchants that process B2B and government procurement transactions are plentiful. But streamlining Level-3 processing may be a good place…

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