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Revolution Payments Introduces Automated Level 3 Credit Card Processing for Government Vendors

ASHBURN, Va., August 21, 2019 ( – Revolution Payments, the leading authority when it comes to purchase card processing, reveals a new program that helps government vendors lower the cost of accepting government purchase cards. Add 1% to your bottom line without having to increase your sales volume With the many challenges facing government contractors, it’s…

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Level 2 & Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing

Revolution Payments, and our automated level 2 and level 3 enhanced data interchange reclassification technology can help you add 1% or more to your bottom line on your existing sales volume w/o changing your rate! How is this possible? Despite what most businesses have been led to believe 75%-90% of the fees a business pays…

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Best Practices for Accepting Government Purchase Cards (GPC)

When it comes to accepting Government & non-government  purchase (GPC) & commercial cards implement these best practices to keep your business competitive, compliant while controlling your costs. Implemented properly your cost for accepting Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G),  Government Purchase Card (GPC)  transactions should be Under 1.86%. Include Level-3 Payment Detail: – To encourage merchant participation…

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