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Level 3 Processing Interchange Rates

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Exponentially Increase Your Bottom Line Profits on Each Business or Government Credit Card You Accept  Without Doing Any Extra Work With level 3 processing interchange rates It’s Easier than you think! At Revolution Payments we’ve developed a unique solution that can increase your profit margins by roughly 1%, on all the credit cards that you…

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Level 2 & Level 3 Credit Card Processing Information

Revolution Payments and our  specialized Level 2 & Level 3 processing solution for (B2B) Business-to-Business & (B2G) Business-to-Government credit card transactions can add roughly 1% to your profit margins without having to increase your sales volume. 90% or more of the people we contact, initially  overlook this because they think it has to do with…

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Level 3 Credit Card Processing Interchange

Level 3 credit card processing is a more sophisticated  way of processing Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Government (B2G) credit card transactions that can easily lower your cost of accepting these cards by 30%-40%. Level-3 processing provides additional line item detail information on the credit cards you accept from other businesses and or government. This information tells…

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“What’s your rate”

This is one of the first questions merchants often ask me during a conversation. Rate is important but keep this in mind, 75%-90% of the fees you pay don’t even go to your processor, they actually go back to the bank that issued the credit card.  This is referred to as interchange, interchange is the…

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NAVIGATING THE MURKY WATERS OF LEVEL-3 PROCESSING By PYMNTS @pymnts What’s Next In Payments® 7:15 AM EDT August 28th, 2015   The Following is a recent interview with regarding Level 3 processing. The complexities facing merchants that process B2B and government procurement transactions are plentiful. But streamlining Level-3 processing may be a good place…

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Level 3 Processing

What is Level 3 Processing?   Level 3 processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting and processing commercial and government credit cards.  Additional line item detail about the transaction is included with the transaction and passed along to Visa. Commercial cards are divided into 3 categories based on the level of information included with…

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