Selling Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government

If your primary customers are  other business or the government and you see Non-Qualified listed on your statement you’re paying to much to accept credit cards.

This is called a tiered structure which automatically downgrades Commercial, Business, Purchasing and GSA into Non-Qualfied.  This rate structure is okay if your a retail business, but if your selling to businesses or the government this type of rate structure is not for you.  Many of the rates you see online or in box retailers advertising low rates are not designed for you and in fact will probably cost you more than your paying now.

The only rates that qualify at these rates are retail and check/debit transactions, Not Business and Government transactions.

Setting up a merchant account to accept Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government transactions is much different than setting up a standard merchant account.

Aside from consulting an experienced Level-3 payment provider, You need a Cost Plus Rate Structure, proper technology to process level-3 line item detail.

If you see Non qualified on your statement and or have the same rate for Visa and MaserCard call one of our experienced business-t0-business merchant service professionals for a free evaluation, consultation and learn more about Level 3 Processing.

888-790-3450 or email [email protected]

PS.  Revolution payment systems can support Level-3 Processing Through Quickbooks


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