QuickBooks ACH Processing

If processing ACH payments and credit card payments in one solution with unified reporting wasn’t already convenient enough, QuickBooks users can now benefit from seamless integration. Revolution Payment Systems has released a lightweight application that quickly and easily builds itself into the native QuickBooks menu environment. After the installation program is downloaded and installed one time, “Process Transaction” is made available.

Quickly browse your existing QuickBooks customer database, attach as specific invoice number, and even select which account the transaction should post to! To receive a payment through ACH Processing, enter the customer’s Routing Number and Account Number. If Credit Card Processing is the preferred payment method, enter the Credit Card Number and Expiration Date. Either payment option is conveniently available, processed in real time, and updated in your QuickBooks records without any additional data entry or manual manipulation.

In addition to the seamless convenience with QuickBooks, these transactions follow the same processing path as any other transactions processed with Revolution Payment Systems. Therefore, the payments that came in today through your bill payment website or online store, or that were entered as transactions accepted over the phone in your call center, all appear in the same unified reports for quick and easy reconciliation.

The many payment dimensions of Revolution Payment Systems continue to expand for the improved efficiency and enhanced automation of our business customers. QuickBooks integration is just another value added service brought to you at no additional cost for the continued growth of your bottom line.

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