Processing Level 3 Through A Credit Card Machine

If your company is accepting commercial, business, GSA and purchasing cards from other businesses or the Government and using a credit card machine as your primary method of accepting credit cards Your leaving Revenue on the table.

Stand alone credit card machines Do NOT support the line item detail requirements for level 3 processing.  Many merchants are reluctant to talk with merchant service providers due to the amount of calls and solicitation they receive.

If your company sells to the government or other businesses I would strongly encourage you to seek an experienced B2B/B2G merchant service specialist for an interchange audit.

85% of the fees you pay to accept credit cards go back to the credit card issuing bank, NOT your credit card processor.  This is why level 3 processing is a must for you.

Level 3 lowers interchange on commercial and government transactions by about 30%.  It doesn’t matter what your rate is, your processor or your bank Visa and MasterCard apply higher interchange rates on business, commercial, purchasing and government cards when level 3 data is NOT provided.

Any questions regarding level 3 or to take advantage of a free apples to apples comparison email [email protected] or give us a call at 888 790 3450

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