Petroleum Pay at the Pump

Petroleum Payment Processing

  • Approach a High Volume Market
  • Offer High Speed Transactions
  • Full Certification on Multiple Platforms
  • Full Technical Support

The petroleum sector is one of the most profitable niches for payment processing, and Revolution Payments is one of the few processors capable of accommodating this market. We can provide you with the tools you need to approach gas stations and C-Stores with confidence and come away successful from every deal.

Earn Residuals from Petroleum Payments
Fuel costs continue to rise, and although this trend can be hard on our gas tanks it also translates to increased processing profits for you! In addition to all the standard revenue streams, you will also have the benefit of earning residuals on Fleet Cards such as Voyager and Wright Express.

Advanced Security
Revolution Payments provides a variety of security options in order to protect your merchants from fraudulent transactions. Our Address Verification Service (AVS) reduces fraud by requiring customers to know and enter their credit card billing zip codes. We also offer Velocity Checking, which limits the number of times a customer can use the same payment card at the pump within a designated period of time. If either of these security measures is activated, the cardholder will be referred inside.

Pay-at-Pump Solutions
Customers who utilize pay-at-pump services are seeking convenience, speed and security when making electronic payments. Revolution Payments can provide an impressive petroleum program with full pay-at-pump functionality, high-speed processing and advanced security for any gas station or convenience store.

Take Advantage of Pay-at-Pump Services Today
Gas stations and C-Stores are increasingly debranding from their major gas labels and seeking better payment solutions. We offer low prices and comprehensive service for petroleum and pay-at-pump, enabling you to properly take advantage of this lucrative and growing market!

Let me know if something your open to discussing and seeing the additional revenue this program would provide for your company.

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