Level-3 Processing

Level-3  processing is an advanced way of processing commercial transactions. Commercial cards have different capabilities that other types of credit cards.                                                                                                                                                                    These range from the enhanced line item detail they can capture to restrictions that can be put on the cards, restricting them to certain industries.


Special interchange rates have been created to encourage participation in level 2 and level 3 which can reduce your transaction cost by 40% or more.    Even with these incentives many merchants remain unaware of level 3 and its benefits.


Many of the businesses processing level 3 data  have not been set up to receive 100% of the reduced level 3 interchange rates.       Just because you process level 3 line item detail, does not mean you automatically receive 100% of the savings.  This depends on whether or not your process set your account up properly (your rate structure).

Revolution payments has taken Level 3 processing to another level and can qualify your commercial cards for level 3 interchange rates without you changing the way you do business.


Call 888 790 3450 and speak with one of our level 3 experts to learn more Or fax your last months processing statement to 877.901.3181 for a No Obligation Level 3 processing review and statement analysis.


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