Level 3 Payment Processing

Level 3 Payment Processing

Level 3 Payment Processing —-Anyone accepting credit cards knows processing fees cut profits.

But…did you know…B2B and B2G transactions fall into one of three interchange categories; Level 1, 2 and 3? The higher the level, the lower the rate. Visa & MasterCard reduce rates for transactions including Level 3 Payment detail

What is Level 3 Processing?

It means passing line-item detail; information generally found on an invoice; PO number descriptions, quantities….other details.

Revolution Payments automates this for you. We identify the cards you’re accepting and automatically populate Level 3 detail to qualifying transactions.

This reclassifies those transactions, adding that 1.5% of interchange revenue to your bottom line, that you cant receive from a processor simply lowering your rate.

You’ve been conditioned to focus on factors having little impact on your bottom line. Level 3 processing lowers interchange by 40% before your processor adds their markup.

Choosing the right partner is critical. Let us be that partner for you.

We pass all transactions through at cost, ensure your account is properly set up, automate rate qualification and guarantee it for as long as you process with us.


See how much YOUR BUSINESS can save each month with Level 3 Payment Processing


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