Level-3 Payment Processing Merchant Account

Level 3 Payment Processing

 Level-3 Payment Processing  Merchant Account

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees with A   Level-3 Payment Processing Merchant Account.

 Businesses/Government Vendors & Contractors can substantially reduce their monthly credit card processing fees with a  Level-3 Payment Processing   Merchant Account from Revolution Payments.

Visa & MC created special “interchange” rates to support P-cards by reducing your interchange rates when Level 3 payment detail is included with credit card transactions.

Level 3 Processing processes your B2B, commercial and government credit card transactions at their respective interchange rate.

This will reduce your credit card processing fees, on average of 30% to 40%, saving your business thousands of dollars in annual processing costs. This will also help increase your profit margins on each transaction

Look at Your Credit Card Processing Statement. See any of the following surcharges

• Qualified or Qual
• Mid Qualified or MQual
• Non Qualified or NQual
• Standard or STND
• Electronic Com
• Corp Data Rate 1
• Level 1
• Bill-Back – example: DEC BB195 Trans Cleared

If the answer is YES, this indicates your merchant account is setup incorrectly and overpaying in your processing fees.

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PS: Commercial, Business, Purchasing, Corporate & Government cards processed w/o level 3 payment detail, qualify at different interchange codes and cost from .80%-1.5% more, before your processor add their markup!

Stop leaving money on the table and request your No Obligation Level 3 Processing Rate Quote Today

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