Level 3 Payment Processing

Revolution Payments Specialized Level 3  Payment Processing  Technology  Helps Government Contractors /Vendors & B2B merchants Reduce Transaction Cost for Accepting B2B & B2G credit cards.

Our value enhancing payment technology automatically sends Level 3 line item detail on behalf  thereby reducing the interchange cost of accepting the cards by as much as 40%.

With the challenges businesses face, most  have relied on their bank or existing processor to set up their merchant account.  unfortunately most sales professionals lack the knowledge and are ill equipped to properly manage the level of processing data required for B2B & B2G transactions.

Setting up a merchant account to accept commercial and government cards is different than a standard retail merchant account. Accepting B2B & B2G credit cards without including level 3 payment detail, these transactions qualify at completely different interchange rates, costing about 1% more (interchange) before your processor applies their rate.

Even if someone is honestly trying to do a good job their inexperience when it comes to interchange and commercial credit cards could be driving a contractors expenses up.

While Level 3 processing has considerable advantages it has historically been used infrequently.  Many businesses processing with level 3 detail have not been set up with the correct rate structure to ensure these lower interchange rates go back to your bottom line, where they belong.

Revolution Payments has simplified the process for businesses to receive these interchange rebates. Aside from making sure they have the correct rate structure and set up properly Revolution’s advanced payment technology automatically sends Level 3 detail on a supplier’s behalf without them lifting a finger regardless of the processing method.

This dramatically increases  profit margins even when their pricing is fixed. Since the savings comes as a result of capturing interchange revenue that will otherwise go back to the card issuer a suppliers current rate and processor is irrelevant

Revolution Payment Systems is a full service payment provider for Government Contractors and Suppliers B2B/B2G that require a provider who can support the qualifications required for Level-2 and Level-3 Processing. Revolution Payments is revolutionizing the way contractors accept government credit cards while simultaneously reducing their costs.

Interested in learning more about Revolution payments and our advanced Level-3 payment solutions?

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