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In this blog I explain why a level 3 merchant account is so vital if your accepting commercial or government credit cards.  In fact, if your accepting B2B & B2G cards without being set up with a level 3 merchant account, your cutting deep into your profit margins and bottom line.

For most businesses, credit card processing fees are in the top 5 of all expenses.

All business people and entrepreneurs are busy, but the time invested in learning the basics about what I’m about to share and the benefits of a level 3 merchant account, will pay off in spades for those accepting commercial and or government credit cards.


Understanding what determines your rates and the fees that impact your bottom line cost, will help you make more informed decisions when choosing a processing partner.

Up to 80% of the fees you pay to accept credit cards goes back to the bank that issued your clients card, Not Your Processor!  This is referred to as interchange, interchange is the same regardless of the processor. This is yet another reason why banks issue credit cards, they earn the interchange fee anytime one of their cards used.


For B2B & government purchases, the interchange fees fall into one of 3 interchange categories — Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 – with 1 being the highest rates and 3 being the lowest.

These different tiers depend on whether level 3 detail is entered, if not, the transactions clears at a different interchange rate (level 1) and has an interchange cost of roughly 1% more.

This 1% is applied to interchange before a processor applies whatever rate they are going to charge.

You may have a great rate and your processor may honestly be trying to do a great job for you however, if you accept commercial or government cards without being properly set up with a level 3 merchant account (not passing level 3 processing detail) you’re  your losing 1% of revenue on every transaction, for reason that have nothing to do with your processors rate.


Revolution Payments developed technology that automates this and helps businesses set up a level 3 merchant account and meet these requirements resulting in qualifying for MasterCard and Visa’s lower commercial card interchange rates.

These reduced rates are passed on you, dramatically lowering your fees and saving  many cases as much as 1%-1.5% on  processing fees.

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