Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Submitting Level 3 line item detail substantially reduces interchange rates on Purchasing, Corporate, Commercial, Fleet, Business (MasterCard) and Government credit cards.

Processing Level 3 data requires more sophisticated payment technology able to process the additional line item requirements. Stand alone terminals and most payment gateways do not support Level 3 Processing.

What is Level 3 processing?
An easy definition, It defines “what” is being purchased, “’how” the sales takes place,“when” it takes place, and “who” is involved in the transaction, and sends this along with the payment transaction.

Business can expect to see a 30%-40% reduction in transaction cost when processing level 3 data, (If their processor has them set up properly). Businesses accepting GSA SmartPay and SmartPay 2 transactions may become more attractive to government agencies as this data enables them to keep track of their purchases more accurately. Note: You still qualify for the reduced level 3 interchange rates even if your customer does not require level 3 processing. As long
as your set up properly and pass level 3 detail, you qualify for the level 3 interchange rates.

Level 3 processing made easy
Process level 3 card data and qualifying for the reduced interchange rates is easy with Revolution Payments. Our payment technology autoamtocally sends
both level 2 and level 3 data for you, and on every commercial card you accept.

Have questions or want a No Obligation Level 3 Analysis? Give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@ revolution-payments.com
We also support Level 3 through Quickbooks, Magento and have a solution for Authorize.net users.

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