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Revolution Payments Insights

Accepting Credit Cards Safely and Securely

Mar 31, 2011

These days, rarely anyone carries around a wad of cash. In the old days, before the era of plastic credit cards, folks that wanted to drop a large amount of money at once, for instance, to reserve a hotel room or go out to an expensive dinner, were required to carry a large amount of…

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QuickBooks ACH Processing

Dec 20, 2010

If processing ACH payments and credit card payments in one solution with unified reporting wasn’t already convenient enough, QuickBooks users can now benefit from seamless integration. Revolution Payment Systems has released a lightweight application that quickly and easily builds itself into the native

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Level 3 Processing from Revolution Payments

Nov 27, 2010

What you should know about Level 3 processing

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Interchange Questions:

Nov 17, 2010

For a merchant I represent, how much can be saved using Level-3?

It could be a great deal. Consider, for example, a merchant who processes more than $1 million per month in purchase transactions and receives a statement reflecting low “Data Rate 1” rates. For the merchant, this low level of data qualification could equate to nearly 3.5% in processing costs on every commercial card transaction (interchange + downgrade charges + surcharges). By having the merchant capture Level-3 data on every purchase card transaction, however, the provider could reduce the merchant’s rate to 2.20% while reducing the merchant cost by 130 basis points.

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Jul 13, 2010

The Mobile ACH Payments Rule becomes effective on January 1, 2011. To prepare for the rule introduction, NACHA and its Regional Payments Association members will be making available education and training materials to help ACH Network participants better understand the impact of the Mobile Rule before its implementation date.

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Fraud Protection

Jul 13, 2010

FRAUD CONTROL Card-Not-Present Extra protection when there’s no card Card-not-present (CNP) merchants must take extra precaution against fraud exposure and associated losses. Anonymous scam artists bet on the fact that many Visa fraud prevention features do not apply in this environment. Follow these recommendations to help prevent fraud in your card-not-present transactions. Visa CNP payment…

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