How to Reduce B2B Credit Card Acceptance Costs

How to Reduce B2B Credit Card Acceptance Costs

Revolution Payments can show you how to reduce B2B credit card acceptance costs. All to often we work with business owners unaware of the fact that interchange rates can be improved by qualifying commercial and B2B credit card transactions more effectively.

The bulk  of total fees paid by businesses to accept credit cards are interchange fees, not processing fees. These fees can easily amount to more than 80% of a businesses total expense.  Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay an issuing bank each time you accept on of their credit cards. For B2B transactions interchange rates fall into 1 of 3 different interchange categories. Level 1, level 2 and level 3.  Accepting a B2B transaction without level 3 detail can cost you up to 1.5% in additional interchange fees, before your processor adds their fee.

How do reduce B2B credit card accepts costs if you are using a terminal or software that does not support level 3 detail, maybe you process transactions online and unable to enter level 3 detail.

Revolution Payments helps businesses meet the requirements for processing and capturing level III line item detail on B2B & B2G credit card transactions.


Revolution Payments offers is a proprietary payment solution, and here’s how it works: For all credit card transactions … whether processed through a terminal, software, online or entered manually on your PC or mobile … our system automatically attaches details to every transaction that update all your credit card orders to Level 3 interchange rates.

Adding to this, commercial cards clear at 1 of 3 different interchange rates, level 1, level 2 or level 3. The interchange cost of accepting a B2B or B2G transaction without level 3 detail can cost you anywhere from 1%-1.5% before a processor tacks on their fee.


The case against “do it yourself”


You could try to manually add the necessary Level 3 details to each credit card order you accept. But doing it by hand is complex, time-consuming, and error-prone, given there are over 400 different interchange rates.   The Revolution Payments Gateway takes all the work and complexity out of qualifying for Level 3 processing. You do nothing except bank the savings!


A true revolution in slashing transaction processing fees


The Revolution Payments interchange optimization service automates the Level 3 updating of credit card payments – making the complex incredibly simple, with virtually 100% accuracy. There’s no programming. Nothing for your employees to do. No hidden fees. And no need to switch merchant accounts – the system works with your current Visa and MasterCard providers.

Best of all, approval and set-up are quick and easy. Customer service and support are unduplicated in the industry.

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