Level 3 Payment Processing Lowers Your Cost

Level 3 Payment Processing Lowers Your Cost

If you have clients that pay you with a Commercial or Government P- card, its extremely likely Level 3 Payment Processing Lowers Your Cost lowers your cost by 30% or more for B2B and B2G credit card transactions.

Here’s  the thing, you probably already know that whenever you take a credit card you have to pay an interchange fee on that card.  Interchange amount to roughly 80% of a business’s expense for accepting credit cards and 100% of this goes directly back to the bank that issued the credit card.

What most businesses don’t know (mainly because their processor never tells them), is that there is a Special “interchange Rate category specifically for merchants that accept commercial cards

The special interchange category is called level 3 processing, and here’s what that means to you.  Level 3 processing refers to sending additional line item detail or transaction detail and lowers your cost (interchange) before a processor applies their rate.  When level 3 detail is processed with a transaction, it clears at different interchange rates.

Reclassifying your B2B & B2G transactions to level 3 interchange (it can), no kidding literally adds 1%-1.5%, to your bottom line, because of these reduced interchange rates.  Process B2B & B2G cards w/o level 3 detail, you end up paying about 1% more (interchange) than the best rate a processor can provide to you.

Here is why nobody has ever told you about this. 

The reason why no one has ever told you about this is because credit card processors receive no revenue whatsoever for offering level 3 processing. Since this is strictly about the interchange portion of the fees businesses pay (80%) of your fees, processors have no incentive.

So that’s why it’s kind of a (secret). Which leads you to the question of why I would be telling you about this, well the answer is simple.

Revolution Payments Fixes This Problem!

My company fixes this problem for you and it does it without you having to do any actual work, or go through any hassles, see our proprietary system (gateway) that we provide at NO cost to you, can automatically detect, whether or not it’s a level eligible transaction. And when it is, automatically populates and attaches level 3 detail lowering your “interchange” costs by 30%, before the transaction ever reaches a processor.

This means you don’t have to go through the trouble of manually entering the 7-13 additional fields otherwise required to even receive level 3 rates.


What do do?

Here is what I would like you to do next if you are interested in finding out whether or not we can save you this money or seeing how much Level 3 payment Processing Lowers Your Cost

I’d love to have a quick 5-minute conversation with, give me a call at 888 790 3450  or upload a recent statement Here. https://www.revolution-payments.com/level-3-rate-quote/

We will give you an idea of the potential monthly savings, if its worth a call great, it not, no worries, at least we can provide some valuable information to help empower your business.

Find out How Much  Level 3 Processing Lowers Your Cost for Accepting B2B & B2G transactions Today!

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