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Level 3 processing

Level 3 Credit Card Processing | Lowers Processing Rates

Take your Business to a New Level with Level 3 credit card Processing Any merchant service provider can set up a merchant account up to accept business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) purchases, however  Level 3 processing can reduce your interchange cost of accepting B2B & B2G transactions by 1% and more. Level 3 Credit Card Processing…

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How to Accept Government Purchase Cards

How to accept government purchase cards. Almost any processor can set you up to accept government purchase cards however, if your goal is to accept government purchase cards at the lowest possible interchange rate, its very important to make sure your processor understands interchange as it relates to government p cards. Government Purchase cards qualify…

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Level 3 Processing Provides the Lowest Interchange Rates

Level 3 processing provides the lowest interchange rates for commercial, B2B and government credit card transactions.   This chart shows the different interchange qualification levels when accepting commercial credit cards from your clients. This is why its so important to make sure you choose a processing partner that has experience and familiar with interchange rate qualification…

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How much can a merchant save by supplying Level 3 data

How much can a merchant save by supplying Level 3 data (level 3 processing) on your B2B & B2G cards? This blog shows you.  I get that questions a lot.  You will always pay roughly 1% more than the lowest rate a processor can give you, when you accept commercial and purchase cards w/o level…

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Level 3 Payment Processing

Revolution Payments Specialized Level 3  Payment Processing  Technology  Helps Government Contractors /Vendors & B2B merchants Reduce Transaction Cost for Accepting B2B & B2G credit cards. Our value enhancing payment technology automatically sends Level 3 line item detail on behalf  thereby reducing the interchange cost of accepting the cards by as much as 40%. With the…

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Level 3 Payment Detail

What is Level 3 payment detail? Level 3 payment detail AKA level 3 processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting commercial, business, purchase & government cards that allows  companies accepting credit cards from other businesses or government to lower transaction (interchange) cost by 30%-40%.  Key word is interchange.  100% of interchange goes back to…

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Level 3 Credit Card Processing

What’s one thing  95% of people doing business with the government are not told? That Visa & MasterCard created special interchange rates (level 3 credit card processing) as an incentive to encourage vendors to enter level 3 payment detail on government and non government commercial cards. When applied, these special rates lower the “interchange” cost…

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Level 3 credit card processing

Level 3 credit card processing. We’ve put out a lot of information over the years, not only on the importance of level 3 processing if you accept credit cards from businesses or government, but also our streamlined level 3 payment solutions that help B2B & B2G merchants add roughly 1.5% to their profit margins on…

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Government Vendors | Level 3 Credit Card Processing

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Government Vendors | Level 3 Credit Card Processing can reduce your acceptance cost of Government P cards, along with non government B2B transactions by 1%-1.5% With the many challenges facing business today, it’s no wonder many have relied on their bank or existing processor to set-up their credit card processing when it comes to accepting…

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