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Business to Business Merchant Account (B2B)

Reclassify commercial transactions to a lower interchange rate with a B2B merchant account

Most businesses have been conditioned by sales people who rarely do more than sell on rate.  Setting up your business to accept B2B payment processing-commercial, fleet, business, purchase and government cards is different than setting up a standard merchant account.

Up to 40% of the fee you pay to accept these cards is determined how these transactions qualify on an interchange level.  Commercial cards have tiered interchange rates that allow you to capture additional revenue non related to the rate you processor is charging you.

Many merchants can qualify for lower commercial rates (especially in card not present environments) by collecting the more in-depth payment information along with enhanced payment technology.

The key to obtaining the best rate for B2B payment processing is working with one of Revolution Payments’ experienced B2B payment processing consultants.  We will  work closely with you to ensure that your payment operations are set up correctly ensuring your transactions qualify at the most favorable rates.

Our solutions are focused on your unique needs and bottom line.

  • Next Day Funding
  • Large Ticket Acceptance
  • Reclassify commercial transactions to lower interchange
  • Level 2 and Level 3 card data processing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Interchange qualification and monitoring
  • AR solutions (streamline your  payment acceptance)
  • Interchange pricing
  • No Cancellation fees
  • Interchange fees are returned to you on cardholder credits

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