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Level 3 Payment Processing

By Sean Jones | October 27, 2017

Level 3 Credit Card Processing for B2B, Commercial & Government P-cards Setting up your business to accept government purchasing or commercial cards for payment is different than establishing a standard retail merchant account or internet merchant account. These cards possess more features, capabilities and controls than other cards. They can be setup to control things…

Level 3 Credit Card Processing =1%-1.5% “new” revenue on your B2B and Government credit card transactions

By Sean Jones | October 12, 2017

Revolution Payments developed a solution that is helping businesses add anywhere from 1%-1.5% to their profit margins on all B2B and government credit card transactions w/o changing their processors rate. The biggest challenge we facewhen speaking with businesses is getting them to differentiate what we do vs. the 2-3 calls you receive each week from…

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 Credit Card Processing Befits for B2B and Government credit cards.

By Sean Jones | September 28, 2017

With the many challenges facing businesses today, it’s no wonder so many are relying on their banks or existing credit card processors to set them up to accept Business & Government credit cards. Even if someone has good intentions and honestly trying to do a good job for you, their inexperience may be driving your…

Visa & MasterCard High Ticket Interchange Rates

By Sean Jones | September 25, 2017

    It Costs Less To Accept Large Credit Card  Transactions Through The High Ticket Interchange Program!   The Large Ticket and Large Ticket Advantage Program, is a specially designed program for merchants who accept high dollar transactions.   By enrolling in the High Ticket program along with Level-3 Processing, you can substantially reduce  what…

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Best Practices for Accepting Government Purchase Cards

By Sean Jones | September 6, 2017

When it comes to accepting Government Purchase Cards (GPC) & commercial cards implement these best practices to keep your business competitive, compliant while controlling your costs. Implemented properly cost for accepting Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G), Government Purchase Card (GPC) transactions are Under 1.86%.   This savings is available for any size purchasing card ticket,…

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What is Level 3 Payment Processing?

By Sean Jones | July 10, 2017

Level 3 payment processing is the best solution if your accepting credit cards from large corporations or government. This short video explains how level 3 processing can lower your interchange costs on B2B & B2G credit card transactions by 1%-1.5%. Savings is further increased for large credit card transactions (High Ticket Interchange) If you have…

GSA SmartPay Level III Processing

By Sean Jones | June 22, 2017

If your a Government Vendor/Contractor in  need of a system and level 3 credit card processor capable of capturing and providing Level III data (sales data at line item level) for your GSA SmartPay purchase card transactions.  Revolution Payments can help.We have been supporting government vendors for  almost 20 year’s and the authority when it…

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Level II and Level III Credit Card Processing

By Sean Jones | June 17, 2017

Level II & Level III Credit Card processing can help your business add 1.5% to your bottom line while still accepting Visa and MasterCard——- without having to increase your sales volume…. You probably already know that Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay an issuing bank each time you accept a credit card order.…

Accept Government P-cards & B2B Credit Card Transactions for Less!

By Sean Jones | May 25, 2017

Why do you accept credit cards?  Is it only as a convenience for your customers, or are you interested in processing transactions at the lowest possible rates? If the latter, and your accepting business-to-business or business-to-government transactions then you owe it your company’s bottom line to ensure these transactions are qualifying at Level II &…

Level 2 & Level 3 Credit Card Processing Information

By Sean Jones | May 11, 2017

Revolution Payments and our  specialized Level 2 & Level 3 processing solution for (B2B) Business-to-Business & (B2G) Business-to-Government credit card transactions can add roughly 1% to your profit margins without having to increase your sales volume. 90% or more of the people we contact, initially  overlook this because they think it has to do with…