Best Practices for Accepting Government Purchase Cards

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When it comes to accepting Government Purchase Cards (GPC) & commercial cards implement these Best Practices for Accepting Government Purchase Cards to keep your business competitive, compliant while controlling your costs.

Implemented properly cost for accepting Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G), Government Purchase Card (GPC) transactions are Under 1.86%.  

This savings is available for any size purchasing card ticket,
HOWEVER savings can be further increased for contractors that process large tickets, by enrolling in the special “large ticket” program for the GSA SmartPay program which qualifies GSA transactions

$5,984.61 and above @ 1.2%

Statics show us that at least 3 out of 5 GSA schedule vendors have not been set up to accept Purchase cards correctly (Level-3 Processing). If your paying more than 1.85% for your commercial or government transactions–keyed or swiped, your NOT set up to participate in this program! Implement these Best Practices for Accepting Government Purchase Cards


Most vendors have been set up to accept standard consumer related credit cards vs commercial and purchase cards. This is unknowingly cutting into a vendors profit margin, on average by 1%-1.5%

Credit card processors receive no incentive for offering you level 3 processing, nor are they required to make sure that contractors are properly set up to accept credit cards in the most efficient and economical matter.

It has been our experience that the vast majority of contractors (75 to 80%) that engage in B2B and B2G processing are not aware of or properly set-up to take advantage of MasterCard and Visa’s special rates on the Corporate and Purchase Card programs.


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