Accepting Fleet Cards costs less than you think when you include level 3 data

Do you need to accept Fleet Cards from your clients?

Fleet cards help businesses manage fleet related expenses and provides  detailed information such as:

  • Miles per gallon calculations and odometer readings
  • vehicle/driver data
  • driver restrictions   based  on allowable locations
  • Critical reports for accounting, regulatory reporting, cost management and usage control
  • Specialized data to better manage corporate fleets and track fleet expenses
  • Increased security features


If you have a client wanting to use a commercial fleet card at your location, its important to work with a merchant service specialist who has experience in this space , otherwise your transactions may end up Downgrading to Non Qualified or have surcharges applied.


Many businesses have been accustomed to pay more for commercial and fleet transactions, however when properly set up these transactions are not much more than a regular consumer transaction.


Have questions about accepting fleet cards or need a second option from an industry expert?  Give Revolution Payments a call  at 888 790 3450 or email info 


Would you like a no obligation second option from a commercial industry expert?  Simply fax your last months statement to

877-901-3181  Attn. Commercial Audit Review.


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