Accepting Credit Cards Safely and Securely

These days, rarely anyone carries around a wad of cash. In the old days, before the era of plastic credit cards, folks that wanted to drop a large amount of money at once, for instance, to reserve a hotel room or go out to an expensive dinner, were required to carry a large amount of paper bills on them. Times have changed and it seems that cash might become a thing of the past. It’s much bulkier than a credit card, and once you lose it, it’s gone for good.

Credit cards, on the other hand, are light and easy to use. If you lose one and someone makes unauthorized purchases on it, you’ll be reimbursed. If you were carrying cash and your wallet was stolen, you’d never get that money back. More and more, people seem to be choosing credit cards as their preferred method of payment. Because of this, more and more businesses are choosing to work with merchant services providers that allow them to process credit cards safely and securely.

These days, accepting credit cards and other forms of non-cash payment (such as online transactions) is a necessity for any business to survive. In such an oversaturated market, your business has to do anything and everything to keep its customers around – and this means processing credit cards in a way that’s simple.

Unfortunately for most businesses, processing credit cards costs a fee – so it’s in the interest of your business to ensure that this fee is as low as possible. A low fee means that your business gets to keep more of its hard-earned dollar. Of course, the secure processing benefits of credit cards don’t just stop at the lowest rate. The more forms of payment you accept, the more customers you’ll garner.

Stay a step ahead of the competition by offering all forms of payment under the sun. This means your business should offer everything from advanced payment processing solutions, including credit cards, debit cards and checks, to pre-paid gift card and loyalty card processing, as well as electronic balance transfers and everything in between.

Whether you’re a new business that is hoping to start off on the right foot by providing great payment processing services, or you’re an already successful business looking to take things to the next level, partnering with a good merchant service provider can help ensure that your business is able to process credit cards safely and securely.

Good merchant providers will offer processing for all major payment brands (VISA, MasterCard, etc), real-time processing and fast authorizations, so you won’t have to worry about those customers that stand there waiting for their transaction to go through, while simultaneously tapping their fingers in anger and sighing loudly. A quality provider will also offer access to customer support from a highly experienced team twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, as well as next day access to funds, solutions that are customized to your specific industry and business, and PCI compliant equipment that promises to offer the most secure transactions. In short, you’ll find everything you need to process your customers’ credit cards safely and securely.

Still wavering on the line? Consider this: many merchant service providers offer the great perk of free equipment! That’s right – all that payment processing equipment you were worried about purchasing, from space-saving countertop terminals that allow your customers to sign easily, to tiny PIN pads to check readers. They’ll provide you with all of it, so that your customers don’t have to worry about waiting for you to make an old-fashioned iron-down copy of their credit card, or have to photocopy their check, or sign for a transaction that, with a PIN pad, could have easily been a debit transaction.

In this trying economy, the key to staying in business is keeping your customers happy – and nothing could make them happier than the knowledge that they’re in good hands when they’re in your store. Money is tight these days for everyone and, therefore, a safe and secure payment processing system ensures that nothing will go wrong. Customers like to feel safe at their favorite places to shop, whether it’s the small boutique that carries the underground clothing designers they can never find at the department store, or the cooking supply shop that has their favorite truffle oil, or the restaurant that serves the best Caesar salad around.

Keep your customers coming back with a safe and secure payment system, and you’ll be sure to keep your business booming, even when times are tough and the economy is sluggish. With a low rate guarantee, a full range of processing options, and great service and support, a merchant service provider is about as good as it gets when it comes to safe and secure payment.

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