Accepting Commercial and Fleet Cards from your Customers

Accepting Commercial and Fleet cards from your customers does not require your pay much more than you would pay to accept consumer cards.

Business owners have been accustomed to paying more for accepting commercial, purchasing, fleet and government credit cards.  This is a result of someone setting up accounts incorrectly, setting up so they downgrade to non qualified or they simply do not understand the complexity of  B2B and B2G interchange.


Working with an experienced B2B/B2G payment consultant can easily reduce your transaction cost by 40% or more.  You should not be paying much more for keying in a commercial related transaction than you would for a keyed rewards card.

Commercial cards have tiered interchange rates, you will end up paying 1 of 3 rates which vary by as much as 1.50%, yet  have nothing to do with the rate your processor provides you.


To learn more call and speak with a  Revolution Payment  level III  consultant today and learn how Revolution can add as much as 1.50% to your bottom line without changing your current rate.

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