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Revolution payments reveals a solution to Accept Payments With Xero  accounting software.  This payment integration allows Xero accounting software users to process and qualify for level 3 credit card processing rates.

Providing level III payment detail can significantly reduce the interchange cost a business incurs for  accepting credit cards from business and government  by up to 43%.

Interchange accounts for roughly 80% of the fees a business pays to accept credit cards.  When it comes to commercial cards, interchange rates fall into 1 of 3 different buckets. These interchange rates vary from 80-150 basis points depending on card type, transaction size and additional payment detail that is entered with a transaction.

Accept a commercial or government card without level 3 credit card processing information you lose up to 1.5% of revenue regardless of the rate your processor charges.

Revolution Payments automatically updates Xero  transactions to level II & III interchange rates, without the need to manually enter this data or worry about human error.

Every credit card transaction clears at the lowest possible interchange rate.

Additional Features:

  • Sale
  • Invoice
  • Send invoices and collect payments
  • Performs transaction types like Authorize, Capture, Void, Credit, etc.
  • Reconcile in seconds
  • Offline mode – accept credit cards without having internet access and process those later
  • Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere
  • Level II support for reduced credit card transaction fees
  • Level III support for purchasing cards

Businesses interested in learning more about Revolution Payments or accepting payments in Xero accounting software solution should contact Sean Jones at [email protected] 888-790-3450.


Revolution Payments is leading advocate and Level 3 credit card processor who has been servicing the B2B & B2G payment space for more than 22 years.



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