Level 3 Processing

Level 3 Line Item Detail Reduces B2B & B2G Credit Card Transaction Fees by as much as 1% -1.5%

Save THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Year

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Save TIME, Eliminate Errors with AUTOMATED Level 3 Processing

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Level 3 Processing Lowers Transaction Costs Up To 40%

Each time you accept a credit card transaction, Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay the issuing bank.

For business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) purchases, these interchange fees fall into one of 3 processing categories — Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. Level 1 has the highest rates. Level 3 has the lowest rates.

Always want the lowest rates?

Simply include Level 3 line item detail (see Table 1) on all credit cards you accept, including Purchase, Commercial, Corporate, Government, Fleet, and MasterCard business credit cards.

Level 3 Processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting commercial and government cards. It tells the issuing bank what is being purchased, who is involved in the transaction, how the sale is taking place, and when.

Enjoy more revenue and profits on every transaction.

Level 3 credit card processing lowers transaction cost by up to 40%. Adding Level 3 data to the order can reduce the transaction cost by 1% - 1.5%. Those savings add up quickly.

Revolution Payments Delivers Lower Level 3 Rates — Automatically

Level 3 card processing requires sophisticated payment solutions capable of capturing the additional line item detail requirements. Standard credit card terminals will not support Level 3 Line Item Detail.

Revolution Payments supports an array of Level 3 payment solutions. Whether you need to provide Level 3 detail or if you simply want to take advantage of the reduced Level 3 interchange rates, we have you covered.

See How Much YOU Will Save!

Save Time and Eliminate Human Error

Manually entering the required Level 3 details is a never-ending headache. With over 400 unique interchange rates based on industry, method of card acceptance, type of card used and size of purchase, it could take HOURS, and there’s a high error risk.

Thankfully, the Revolution Payments Gateway automates the Level 3 updating of credit card payments. Done in seconds with virtually 100% accuracy! There are no hidden fees. Approval and setup are quick and easy. And you’ll just love our class-act customer service and support.

See How Much You Will Save!

How Much Can Processing Level 3 Save You?

Example #1, Visa Interchange Exercise:

Cost for a $5000 Visa transaction without Level 3 Data:
$139 or 2.78%

Cost for a $5000 Visa transaction with Level 3 Data:
$99 or 1.98%

Cost for a $3000 Visa transaction without Level 3 Data:
$99 or 3.30%

Cost for a $3000 Visa transaction with Level 3 Data:
$75 or 2.50%

Example #2, MasterCard Interchange Exercise:

Cost for a $5000 MasterCard transaction without Level 3 Data:
$147.50, or 2.95%

Cost for a $5000 MasterCard transaction with Level 3 Data:
$102.50, or 2.05%

Cost for a $3000 MasterCard transaction without Level 3 Data:
$88.60, or 2.95%

Cost for a $3000 MasterCard transaction with Level 3 Data:
77.58$, or 2.58%


That’s just ONE transaction. Multiply it by MANY transactions over a year, and multiply the savings.
Thousands, even tens of thousands saved!

Can You Qualify for Level 3 Rates?

Commercial, corporate, fleet, purchasing, and MasterCard Business cards can qualify for  Level 3 interchange rates.

Visa business cards don’t qualify for Level 3 rates. But if you include Level 2 processing details on a Visa Business card (see Table I), you can reduce your transaction cost by 0.5%.

High Ticket Interchange Program

The Revolution Payments High Ticket Interchange Program enables you to save money on your large-ticket credit card transactions – specifically, Purchasing Card- Non GSA transactions of $8,725 or higher (1.45% +$35.00).

Large Ticket Advantage

Only Card Not Present Transactions

$10,000.01 - $25,000

$25,000.01 - $100,000

$100,000.01 - $500,000

Greater than $500,000


0.70% + $49.50

0.60% + $52.50

0.50% + $55.50

0.40$ + $58.50


Data Element Level-1 Level-2 Level-3
Merchant Name
Transaction Amount
Transaction Date
Customer Code
Ship From Postal Code
Destination Postal Code
invoice Number
Order Number
Freight Amount
Line Item Detail of Purchase

Government Purchase Card Processing — Seamless Savings

Did you know that OVER 60% of vendors haven’t been set up correctly to accept Purchase Cards properly?

Most were set up to accept standard consumer credit cards as opposed to purchasing cards, meaning they are not passing Level III invoice detail


The results: They miss out on substantial savings and  special “interchange” rates Visa & MasterCard created to support Government Purchase cards, for transactions passed with level 3 invoice detail.

Does this describe YOU?

We can understand. Because setting up a merchant account to accept government credit cards is complex. Government credit cards have more features, capabilities, and controls. They also have different interchange rates based on how vendors accept them.

We can help get you set up. Quickly. Confidently. Then you’ll immediately be able to take advantage of the reduced interchange rates offered by Visa and MasterCard.

Going forward, your transactions will AUTOMATICALLY include Level 3 line item details so you’ll be eligible for these special rates, reducing your cost of accepting these cards by 1% - 1.5%.

Want to save even more? Consider massive savings with large ticket GSA transactions.

Visa GSA Large Ticket Interchange Program

1.20% + $39 Transaction must be greater than $5,984.61

Processing government purchase card orders requires a more sophisticated technology able to capture what Visa and MasterCard require for Level 3 data. By using this technology, Revolution Payments enables your large GSA transactions to meet the Visa and MasterCard requirements for lower rates when using government cards.

Automate Your Level 3 Processing

Revolution Payments can automate your interchange rate qualification across all payment channels. This includes manually swiped credit cards, orders entered on your PC, mobile swipes, online orders, as well as mail order telephone orders (MOTO).

We offer Level 3 solutions for Quick Books, Magneto, Authorize.net, many ERP systems including Oracle & SAP

Level 3 Processing Guarantees the lowest interchange rate

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