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From the Latin word, revolution, "a turn around"
a change in ways of thinking & behaving

Welcome to Revolution Payment Systems

Choosing the right merchant account provider is critical for your business long term success.

At Revolution Payments, we do things differently, and have for over 15 years. Our clients are some of the most educated consumers around. Why? Because we take the time to give them straight answers about everything they need to know, how to read and understand their statements, knowledge about their fees, the latest technology, impeccable personalized customer service while helping the run their business more efficiently without any long term contracts.


Online Reporting

Revolution Payments offers an advanced selection of powerful reporting solutions that deliver the real-time, secure reporting you require. We work hard to understand your unique business needs and tailor a solution that best serves you.

"What's your effective rate?"

Calculate your "true rate" by entering the information below. Include Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Exclude American Express.


The result is your true rate or overall effective rate. It includes all amounts you pay to Visa, MasterCard and Discover (interchange rates), as well as your Processor's fees.

Is your true rate higher than you anticipated? If so, your profits are affected. Call Revolution Payment Systems at 1-888-790-3450, and let us show you how you can reduce those fees.

Scoreboard Report:

Revolution provides you a very powerful and free tool to track your key business metrics and trends. For up to 36 months of volume, you get a clear view of payment types average purchases and number of transactions.

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